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    I find it amazing to think that Rami was born during my second year at University. He was born to two wonderful people; Fouad and May Makhzoumi. His parents provided limitless opportunities and created no boundaries for Rami during his childhood. Rami’s father instilled an innate desire within him to succeed and fulfil his dreams. Rami’s father, Fouad Makhzoumi, taught him to respect other people and to admire others. Fouad Makhzoumi defined the ‘family’ as not solely the immediate, but also the ‘greater’ family, which encompassed all who were close to the family as well. Rami is sadly missed.

    Russell Davison - Other Tributes

    As soon as I heard the news, I wished that it could be one of my worst dreams that I have ever seen!

    Though I have only worked for FPI for almost 2 and half years I cannot ever forget Mr. Rami’s vision, confidence & faith towards his team and true leadership. He always used to say in his speeches that ‘You are my FAMILY.’

    It’s really very very sad & painful news which cannot be expressed in words!

    Yasir Haider - Other Tributes

    Although I have not met Mr. Rami Makhzoumi in person but I’ve heard of his great accomplishments and was shocked to hear this sad news. My heart goes out to his family and the people who love him.May his soul rest in peace.

    Abir El Lahham - Other Tributes

    I am deeply sorrowed and hugely affected by his death. Mr. Rami shared a quite a few intimate moments in his life, his passions, his love for his daughters, and most of all for the continuous search to find the love that bound his mother and father. I am glad he found true love again before his death as this was what his soul was truly searching for.

    I will always remember his kind demeanour with everyone at the clinic, his continuous belief in the power of chiropractic, his humility and his endless talk of his strong faith with god. I have treated a lot of patients over the years and they all hold a very special place in my heart’ but I can say Mr. Rami tops them all. He is someone that has inspired me to be a better person and very rarely do you encounter men with such integrity, respect and honour! I pray his soul is dancing in the winds of heaven and watching down upon us… amen!

    Dr. Niveen El-Saleh - Other Tributes

    Rami was a remarkable man by all means, but above all he was a great friend. I was one of the lucky few who didn’t have any business involved with Rami. He enriched my life with his thoughts. I hope that your grave will be a glorious piece of heaven, just as your generous soul deserves, until we meet again soon inchalla ‘.

    Bassel Zein - Other Tributes

    I had not heard of Rami until this morning when you told me of his passing.

    He was clearly a wonderful human being – and the world is a lesser place because of his passing.

    My sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

    As you said, you must continue with your work. Blessings and good wishes for creating a worthy legacy for Rami.

    Arvind Devalia - Other Tributes

    I met Rami when I was in charge of the audio visual promotionnal production of his yacht “BIG MAK”. Great memories, I was impress about his kindness. This collaboration has changed my business thinking. I’m shocked.Life is not fair… god/allah bless his family and friends. I will pray for you.
    Wilfried Hamel Raison
    CEO Luxury Vision Production/ France

    Hamel Raison - Other Tributes

    Sana Muhammad GEI-Finance Dubai… Hearty condolence for the Makhzoumi Family.

    There is nothing more real than what cannot be seen…
    There is nothing more certain than what cannot be heard…

    Death is the hidden reality of our lives…
    & certainly life is a testimony for all of us…
    We can’t escape death and neither can we hide…
    All we can do is to raise our hands and “PRAY”
    Pray as we will want others to pray for us when our time comes.

    Mr. Rami has completed his testimony in high ranking…
    For what I encountered of him… is just a slight glance and what I heard and experienced is reflected in the condolences & the prayers above…
    A BELIEVER, he was kind, humble, charitable and much more…

    Quran says:
    “He who spends his wealth for increase in self-purification,”
    “And have in his mind no favour from anyone for which a reward is expected in return,”
    “Except only the desire to seek the Countenance of his Lord, the Most High;”
    “He surely will be pleased (when he will enter Paradise).”

    Personally I feel and I pray to Allah Subhana Wa Tallah that despite of our belief that Mr. Rami will be in heaven… Ya Allah have mercy on him… Ya Allah bless him from his good deeds, Ya Allah bless him from his parents prayers; Ya Allah bless him from our prayers and mostly Ya Allah reward him from all the pilgrimage “Hajj” that were done from his / family’s wealth, Ya Allah bless him from all the charity (Sadqah) done by him. Ameen

    “Inna lil-Lahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon – truly, we belong to Allah, and truly unto him is the return!”

    Although no words can really help to ease the loss you bear,Just know that you are very close in every thought and prayer.

    Sana Muhammad

    Sana Muhammad - Other Tributes

    Most important thing we could say in the meantime is to pray for his soul… May his soul rest in peace…

    My condolences for his family, wife, and children.

    RIP Rami Makhzoumi…

    Anas Housari - Other Tributes

    Hello, I am currently working in FPI, Dubai.

    It was unbelievable for me… I still feel someone will come and say this news was wrong, it was a rumor……

    Mr. Rami was a great leader and very kind person. Every time he passes from the corridor he used to greet every one with a very nice smile on his face.

    My Father worked in FPI/GEI for 35 years, he tells me about him because he knows Mr. Rami from his childhood. My father was working in GEI/FPI when Mr. Rami born.

    When my father left from FPI/GEI, Mr Rami said to my father FPI is your home and you are our family member. These words make me proud to be a family member of such a great leader.

    His loss can not be recovered, MAY ALLAH BLESS HIS SOUL AND REST IN PEACE. He is always in prayers of me and my family.

    Hearty condolence from me and family to whole of his family.

    Kashif Gulzar - Other Tributes

    I am Rami’s hairdresser 4 all his life. See him 2 times a week.

    Every time I saw him I have a deep feeling from my heart that this time is not 4 this man. Very kind. Very polite. Like every one, big believer with God. Always thanks him. And what I think, God take his soul to be near him. He left deep pain in my heart every time I remember him. He will always live with us. White hand white heart.

    Omran Alghazali - Other Tributes

    I met Rami at the Emerging Leaders Programme at London Business School. I was the Programme Manager for London Business School and was blessed to meet many future leaders. Rami stood out for a number of reasons. He was values driven and had a presence that you can’t explain, but know when you meet a world leader. He was also one of the few people I met on the programme who was in a family business. He had an inquisitive mind and really wanted to learn and stretch himself. For this reason he was a wealth of knowledge who had an opinion, but you never felt like your opinion wasn’t important in the conversation. He also was the most generous person I met throughout my time working on the programme. I remember a lovely meal he hosted for the entire course at the Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane. Rami is unforgettable and we have lost a true leader who has touched the lives of many people.

    Dale Bracegirdle
    Melbourne Business School

    Dale Bracegirdle - Other Tributes