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    I never met Rami, but always was following from distance whats happening at FPI and the charities around the world. such great people like father and son will always be a memory to remember for people. Good manners always appreciated .. I pray for him to be in heaven. God also help family for this big loss.. . I offer my deepest condolences … Rabie Fares

    Rabie Fares - Other Tributes

    May Allah grant Rami jenna’ and his family sabr.

    Brad Neal - Other Tributes

    نسأل الله ان يغفر له ويرحمه ويدخله فسيح جناته ويرزق اهله الصبر والسلوان امين يا رب العالمين

    hassan - Other Tributes

    Warm regards to the best CEO in the Middle East – you will always be remembered by all who know & did not know you………..may you rest in peace………..Mohamad Badran

    mohamad badran - Other Tributes

    Thinking of you everyday…2 years mean was yesterday…leave lovely memories…wish where you are no more worries…
    RIP Boss…..

    patrick pham - Other Tributes

    Time has passed, but you will always be here in my thought, my best boss. May your soul rest in peace.


    Mami - Other Tributes

    In a week’s time, It’s gone be two years since Rami took the train to our last destination. We are waiting in the same plateform for ours and we are supposed to take that last train after our parents and before our sons and daughters.
    I pray God to give courage to the family to live and continu working to make this world better place as Rami wished.
    To God we belongs and to him shall we return.

    Hassan - Other Tributes

    I didn’t know him when he was alive but his life is retold in a sensational way .A great way to celebrate and honour his life.I wish he is reborn with greater qualities in a place he is needed most.

    Jimmi - Other Tributes

    May his soul rest in peace forever…!!!

    Hassan - Other Tributes

    Just found out about Rami, I only remember him as a baby but very sorry to hear this news. Ray Johnson

    Ray Johnson - Other Tributes

    I haven’t known Rami personally, but I heard of him through common friends, and going through this website I couldn’t help but leave a small note for him, the wonderful person that he seems to have been and for the beautiful family that raised him. May God rest his soul in peace and may he forever live through his family and friends. I will say a prayer for him. InshaAllah he’s in a better place.

    Anonymous - Other Tributes

    Allah Yerhamak ya Rami – for me you are the best successful young business man in the Middle East, and your personality is a sample for everyone – always in my memory……

    mohamad badran - Other Tributes