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    May is very sad to not have u around!
    Leah Khalifeh
    (Mays friend)

    Leah - Other Tributes

    GOD give peace to his soul.MR Ramy was the best man in FPI
    الحاج رامى المخزومى كان من احسن الاشخاص الموجودين فى مجموعة المسستقبل ادبا وخلقا ومعاملا

    Hassan wais - Other Tributes

    Even though I had never met Rami in person I met him now. I took the time to go through every page and every word. What fascinated me the most was the amount of love that was not only put into this.. But the amount of love that Rami generated between his family and friends. It’s like he created this bubble of love and everyone was drawn to it, trapped in it and thrived in it. What a rare and beautiful energy he has..that still lives on thorough this endeavour. Mashallah It made me smile…

    Samar - Other Tributes

    Gone is the face we loved so dear,
    Silent is the voice we loved to hear;
    Too far away for sight or speech,
    But not too far for thought to reach.
    Sweet to remember him who once was here,
    And who, though absent, is just as dear.

    Shirley - Other Tributes

    Huge Loss …May God give his parents Fouad & May the strenght & Rami’s soul to rest in peace.

    After going through this memorial site & got to know how much Rami was attachmed to his religion ,let me tell both of you & to all the faily &his friends:

    Be encouraged and know that God is holding Rami in his arms and embracing him with his peace & Love…

    So yes Fouad, indeed Rami is in a better place …

    Issam Harazallah - Other Tributes

    I met Rami through the brilliant eyes of an angel,
    I heard his voice through her heart beats when she was telling about his achievements
    She’s lucky to be his Mum & she will always be the luckiest grandmother to raise his 3 flowers
    She made me love being a Mom.
    I met a man full of love, energy & passion to make his parents happy, He was proud of them…It was their Anniversary!!!
    I met the person & not the boss, I met the child & not the leader, and I met a great father!
    & how can I love death & speak well about it?? I hate all those who do that & try to show u the good of it.
    We didn’t ask for hundred years of life but 34 were shorter than a day. Life is not fair!

    Nada Hamzeh - Other Tributes

    He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man.

    Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, May looking back in memory help comfort us tomorrow RIP.

    He kept at true good humour’s mark
    The social flow of pleasure’s tide:
    He never made a brow look dark,
    nor caused a tear but when he died.

    Amazing guy gone to soon RIP

    Shirley - Other Tributes

    we miss you rami makhzoumi.

    amin habbal - Other Tributes

    It was always a blessing for my team and my self to have the honour and privilege to service FPI/GEI for eight long years (2002 -2009) for the Group Medcial Insurance.

    During my tenure, I missed the opportunity to meet with Rami personally, but I was always updated on the goodness of Rami from my team who were in contact with the members of FPI/GEI.

    One could truly see the reflection of a great leader in him and every individual of FPI/GEI would acknowledge the same. The reflection was Rami’s inspiration, generosity, commitment, kindness, enthusiasm, humbleness and a promising vision. People have felt that immense affection and appreciation bestowed upon them. This grandeur of trust was an investment in people yielding tremendous results in multi-dimensional forms and fondly remembering Rami with great respect and gratitude.

    There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but have to let go. During this excruciating time, we want you to know we are here for you. May there be comfort in knowing that Rami so special will never be forgotten.
    Rami’s early departure to his heavenly abode has left each one of us speechless. Nevertheless the energy and inspirational empowerment will stand shining upon us.
    Life is not measured by the years lived but by the love built in every heart that is cherished forever.
    May the good soul of Rami rest in peace, Amen.

    Iskandar Deeb - Other Tributes

    May your soul rest in peace…May God give power and strength to your family !

    Hisham Rawas - Other Tributes

    GOD give peace to his soul.MR Ramy was the best man in FPI

    Hassan - Other Tributes

    It was an utter shock for me on the day I realised that Rami was no more. I was told about the sad demise of our beloved CEO by my boss and I could just not believe my ears. I just wished that the news was not true.
    To me, Rami was a charming personality and a person of positive attitude. He was always a person who looked for improvement in his work. He was a such a loving personality. He always strived for the betterment of his company and to do things differently and had the boldness to take new initiatives. He will always live as a role model for all of us who have known him.
    A big salute to you Rami. You would always be there in our memories and our prayers…

    Denny Davis - Other Tributes