My Destination

An ideal life, is one that fails to exist, it is merely one that takes a lifetime to travel to. If I was to see that ideal in the distance, my mission becomes my journey, the road to that destination.

I pray that I will reach my destination, if not to see it close in this life, to live it in the afterlife.

To travel on this journey, I need the fuel to power my mind, heart, body and soul in order to reach my destination. That fuel is my principles, my values, and my ethics. The more I can live my life by these beliefs, the quicker perhaps I can achieve my purpose and arrive at my destination.

My Values:

  1. To balance and give dues to the three major components of my life: RELIGION-which embodies the following two: FAMILY AND WORK.

  2. To live my life, how I wish others to live theirs

  3. To want for others what I want for myself

  4. To achieve the legacy of effective leadership and act a s a guide to my peers

  5. To be fair and honest regardless…

  6. To give my health and body its deserved rights

  7. To be, with Allah’s will, a helper for his servants on this earth

  8. To be of the dwellers of Paradise.