FPI Strategic Initiatives

“Change is the constant force that is driving our industry into the future.”

In October 2003 I was given the privilege to lead the Group into the next era of its existence. When I assumed this role, I studied our successes and failures and took from them the key lessons to drive our new strategy to those summits we intend to reach. I began to look at the changes in our industry over the last 30 years and what I learnt was that change is the constant force that is driving our industry into the future. Understanding this force led us to develop our own change programme, in order to not be the adapters but leaders of change in our industry. We branded this change ‘The Evolution’.

The Evolution was founded upon the principle that strategic growth is driven through continuous people development. Our people are the basis upon which the evolution shall be realized. It is our teams that are the very vehicle that will steer the The Evolution and reap the true fruits of change.

Evolution by definition is a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually better form. Its objectives are to act as an enabler to help us develop into a stronger and better organisation, able to withstand the changes in our industry and continue to grow from strength to strength. The Evolution was branded and we wanted our people to associate all aspects of this change with this brand. We wanted all to identify with this brand, we wanted all our endeavours, plans and visions to be symbolised by what this brand embodies; a change for the better. Since that time, The Evolution has been associated with all initiatives representing our strategy, it is evergreen and evolving, it has been sourced by the stakeholders, and has become the symbol of the road to our destination; the future.”

To paraphrase the words of President Theodore Roosevelt – “The only man who makes a mistake is the man who does nothing.” The Evolution is to do something, to work together to develop the structure, philosophy and culture that will allow the Future Pipe Industries Group to continue to be a leader in our industry.