Rami’s generous and charitable nature was obvious to all of those who met him. Rami knew that he had been blessed with prosperity and felt a duty help whoever he could, whenever he could. Privately, he donated to many different local and international charities and was always giving financial assistance to those around him who needed help.

Makhzoumi Foundation
In addition to his business posts, Rami was Vice-President of the Makhzoumi Foundation, a philanthropic organisation established in 1998 and based in Lebanon, which through its vocational, micro–credit, health and awareness programess has helped over 150,000 beneficiaries.

The Makhzoumi Foundation was established with the aim of contributing through its programmes to the development of the civil society. The Foundation spearheads welfare efforts in Lebanon through a range of philanthropic activities that support humanitarian causes and provide services through different programmes: the Civic Centers Training Program, the Micro Credit Program, the Health Care Program, the Awareness Program and the Agriculture/Environment Program.

Here is a documentary on the Makhzoumi Foundation in which Rami is interviewed – Video.

Hajj Support
Every year, many people living in Dubai and Beirut who could not afford to make Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca would approach Rami for sponsorship. Over a 10 year period, Rami fully-funded at least 50 pilgrims who would otherwise have been unable to perform the Hajj.