Tributes from Family

    It has been almost 5 months since Rami passed away and went to a better place. For my family it is still like yesterday, Rami still has such a presence in our home because he spent so much time with our family while he was living in Dubai. At times I would be passing by the garden and remember all the fun times we had in the pool playing games with the kids. His daughters loved coming to our home to swim, bike ride and play in the playground. They were a huge part of our Dubai Family. Rami, I personally will miss you so very much and may you rest in peace. God Bless you

    CoCo Makhzoumi - Family

    In many ways Rami was an inspiration, be it his great charisma that balanced his young heart and avid leadership, his love for life, his drive for success, leave alone the large heart he had for family….

    Loosing Rami is very hard, as much as we loved him, God love him more, may his soul rest in peace and may God bestow all his loved ones with patience…

    Rami will not be forgotten!

    Rami M. Zeidan

    Rami M. Zeidan - Family

    Rami was the first son we had in my generation, l remember holding him when he was born and have watched him grow into a young determined man. I was not only his uncle but a second father to him. His short life was full of achievements. He will be greatly missed by myself and my family.

    Ziad Makhzoumi - Family

    Life is a betrayal when this sad time falls upon us, but we need to remember the happy days, the smiles and joy that Rami once brought into our world and remember him for his generosity, life, love and affection and above be all look to him through his 3 children. I for once, had great admiration and respect to him for I saw his the greatness of his brilliant father seeps through him and I knew I see Foaud’s greatness in him and looked to him to aspire the young generation of our time. Sadly, life once again steels a great man from the bosoms of our life. Rami he leaves behind a sad dark and gloomy day missed by thousands of people, friends and family. With sincere deep commiseration and warm affection to his parents Fouad and May, and sisters Tamara and Camellia.

    I’d like the memory of Rami to be a happy one.

    I’d like him to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done.

    I’d like him to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways,

    Of happy times, laughing moments, warm bright sunny days.

    I’d like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun;

    Of happy memories that Rami leave when life is done.

    He was our son, loved, honoured and tears will soon go dry;

    Most treasured; that is how he wants us to remember him by.

    He is gone in body, for no more the face that once we adorn

    Grateful for the memory, the smile and joy that he was born

    He is asleep into the hands of angels to heavens their flight

    In our heart and dark day he’ll be the shinning beautiful light.

    In memory of our beloved and much treasured Rami.

    Chaaban Zeidan - Family

    RIP Rami, I will miss you and think of you always…

    Tamara Makhzoumi (sister) - Family

    It hurts so much, I can’t believe Ur gone—I love u Rami… I didn’t lose JUST a brother, I lost more than EVERY THING. I miss u Rami, I think of you every second , every day…….. I love you

    Camellia Makhzoumi (sister) - Family

    Allah Yerhamak… brother & best friend…….what is there to say?

    How do you forget someone you can ALWAYS count on & someone ALWAYS there for you?

    How do you forget someone who had a LOVING heart and an AFFECTIONATE soul?

    How do you forget a genuinely GOOD person?

    How do you forget someone who was so DEAR to his family and friends?

    How do you forget someone who made so much MEANING out of his life?

    How do you forget someone who is so EXTRAORDINARY and GIFTED?

    How do you forget someone who was destined for GREATNESS?

    We were hit hard with your loss. You were a rare breed, a class act…. someone like you is just UNFORGETTABLE and IRREPLACEABLE.

    You passed the test of life with flying colors. No doubt.

    I will ALWAYS remember the good times & great memories.… many of them….that now take on even a more profound importance and meaning.

    May God keep your loving family strong.

    Rest in peace.

    Karim Farra - Family

    Hi, I am Rami Makhzoumi’s nephew. I am young but old enough to understand. I was there at his funeral, holding his coffin and praying to him. I was there through it all. I learned that even tho I may be a kid, I can do a lot for the ones I love. As I did that funeral, I noticed I can never be afraid of anything else. Death is not something to fear. I think Rami learned that. Death is nothing to life. It’s just a new world. I think Rami belongs there in a better place with God. RIP I love you Umo Rami.

    Ramsey Makhzoumi - Family

    My father was the greatest man in my life! And the minute I heard he past away I cried like u dip’ed your face in a pool because he was the one that raised me!

    May (Daughter) - Family

    I’m Chiara’s mother, wife of Rami, a man, a wonderful husband and father. I know him from one year’ just one year, but it is like losing a child.

    Cristina Mangiasale - Family

    I really miss my father !!!! I have to be brave to live with this life.

    May (Daughter) - Family