Tributes from Family

    Happy Birthday baba !! It will be hard celebrating without you but I think I can handle it ,I wanted to make you a suprise birthday party and scare you as an vampire but I know we can not do it because u are gone . I love u so much i will always remember u . U will always be in my heart !

    May(Daughter) - Family

    happy birthday, we both have our birthdays today 31’st of October. and on a birthday people usually wish each others best wishes. my wish is for your soul to rest in peace . I’m sure your parents already missed you , they have been celebrating your birthday since 1977 and this is their first time alone without you blowing the candles but for sure they know that God wants you back their and at last we will all be their sooner or later . happy birthday Hajj Rami , may your soul rest in peace .

    Mohammed Bady - Family

    Today is your birthday Rami, i know that you will always be in our hearts. God bless your soul and may you rest in peace.
    We miss you.

    Julia Makhzoumi - Family

    every year i sent you on your birthday, an sms to wish you a happy birthday, and remind you of your age, and you used to reply thank you amm it is tomorrow.
    it did mean a lot to me.
    Happy Birthday Rami, i pray that you are filled with all the lights that GOD will bless you with and dont forget to send my salam to the prophit Mohammad.
    GOD bless your soul.
    till next year amm, inshallah

    mohammad makhzoumi - Family

    I still smile every time I see your smile. I respect your ideas when you look at me with these sharp eyes. I feel your presence with this strong personality, that is why I will kiss you every time I am cleaning your picture on my wall, because this is the door of seeing you every time I miss you.
    GOD bless your soul

    Mohammad Makhzoumi - Family

    Such a talented, successful, and humble young man!!! Rami’s warm smile and smiling eyes will always be remembered… Rest in peace sweet Rami…

    seem farra - Family

    Rami, there are really no words to describe this tragedy. You impacted and influenced the people around you with your warm hospitality, generous heart, and caring manner. You always told me to live my dreams and go after my goals, and because of that, I try my hardest everyday. I want to live life like you Rami, taking in every moment and making it last. Every weekend you and the kids were at our house and we would laugh tell stories and I sometimes I feel like I took that for granted, that’s what hurts the most. Thank you for your wonderful advice and I am so lucky to have known such a wonderful, charismatic man. I love you and miss you

    Lana Makhzoumi - Family

    Today morning ( 15 sept ) I realized something . I realized that my dad is in a better place now so I should be proud of him . And I want to say thank u everyone for leaving a comment . Love:May

    May (Daughter) - Family

    Ra7imakAllah ya habib albi, may God forgive you. AdkhalakAllah fasee7a jannatih

    Hamzah Makhzoumi - Family

    i miss you rami, i wish you are here near me like you used to be when i needed a friend to talk to.
    GOD bless your soul

    mohammad makhzoumi - Family

    Rami I really miss you. You left us too soon but this is the circle of life. I cry each day when I remember you Rami Makhzoumi a great leader and a true friend R.I.P Rami Makhzoumi.

    Rami Fakhoury - Family

    I REALLY MISS YOU when you passed away i was in camp and when i got the bad news i could not belive it .
    R.I.P Rami Makhzoumi

    Zaki fakhoury - Family