Tributes from Family

    “Paying attention to the home is the most important means of building a moral society. The society is formed of the household and families, which form its building blocks. Households form neighborhoods, and neighborhoods form societies. If the building blocks are sound, the society will be based on the laws of what’s just, standing firm in the face of wrong, and filled with goodness that evil cannot penetrate. Then these moral homes will produce pillars of society who will reform and guide it aright.”

    You said that in year 2001 in tribute to our 25th anniversary.. Young man you were, yet your words full of wisdom… I wish you were still around to see through what you called for. You were proud that you are a pillar in our family and looked forward to carrying the load…. Allas my son, you are gone but the pillar is still holding on , with foundation you installed it will carry on for years to come.

    Miss you Mum, miss you loads….

    Mum - Family

    Today a friend of mine who knew you since you were a baby, called me to tell me about a beautiful dream about you…. she shared with us celebrating your legacy the night before and all the memories of the past years passed in her mind… that night you visisted her in her dream , she said you were there at our lounge greeting her with your happy smile, with your serene presence glowing with happiness and content….your message to us through that dream , was loud and clear I am here, I am with you in the house, I am around you and share every thing with you…. Habibi, your presence is felt with every step we take, with every corner we sit, with every word we say….. Your glowing smile, means a lot,,,, for me it means you are content in your new life, and more you are content that we have moved to the new house and that the kids are living with us and that you are watching over them…..

    My God how much we miss you ,,,,,how hard every day is without you…. I see your girls grow, I see them bloom, and I only wish you are around …. you live through them, you live through us, through your sisters, through your firends, through your colleagues, through all who live you….. and soon you will live through all those who will read your book… your leadership is alive !!!!

    RIP Habibi… your ever loving mum

    MUM - Family

    I cannot accept that you have left us. My consolation is that you are in a better place. You are always remembered and your children are the joy of our lives. God Bless your Soul, your DAD
    االله يرحمك يا رامي

    Fouad Makhzoumi - Family

    Writing to wish you a Happy Birthday Mak….. Miss you loads and think about you every day habibi

    Fouad Dajani - Family


    An ideal life, is one that fails to exist, it is merely one that takes a lifetime to travel to. If I was to see that ideal in the distance, my mission becomes my journey, the road to that destination.

    I pray that I will reach my destination, if not to see it close in this life, to live it in the afterlife.

    To travel on this journey, I need the fuel to power my mind, heart, body and soul in order to reach my destination. That fuel is my principles, my values, and my ethics. The more I can live my life by these beliefs, the quicker perhaps I can achieve my purpose and arrive at my destination.
    My Values:

    1. To balance and give dues to the three major components of my life: RELIGION-which embodies the following two: FAMILY AND WORK.
    2. To live my life, ho w I wish others to live theirs
    3. To want for others what I want for myself
    4. To achieve the legacy of effective leadership and act a s a guide to my peers
    5. To be fair and honest regardless…
    6. To give my health and body its deserved rights
    7. To be with Allah’s will, a helper for his servants on this earth
    8. To be of the dwellers of Paradise.

    RAMI 2004


    MUM - Family

    Happy Birthday Rami…on this day…we shall celebrate your birth…and mourn your death brother. You were the only brother I had…& when you died,a part of me..a lot of me died with you.I am blessed to have Baba & Mama…but when u passed away..loneliness,fear & uncertainty shook me. I knew I would have no one there anymore to turn to especially when (God forbid & may they live healthy & strong)our parents also will pass..

    But God blessed our parents with your birth into this life…and celebrated Your life for 32 years & I was blessed to have a brother & know what it felt like to be loved as a sister..which I will forever miss so dearly but forever shall be grateful for feeling..we are blessed to have you still in our lives through your children.

    I may never be as Great as u nor ever compare to you even by a fraction nor 1%..

    But I promise you I will forever dedicate my life to them & try my hardest to fulfil their lives with joy & love as you did & continue your teaching & beliefs esp in God as you did.

    Death is part of Life and the Circle of Life….it is eminent that death shall end our journey after living… Being born is a Blessing but a curse…as your destiny shall be death & one never knows “when,how & why”….but you showed us why its important to give your best to this life and be the best you can & always be better, something you did so well.

    You forever shall be an inspiration to others to us, & to your children.

    I know this is Life…this is where we will all come to at the end…whenever that is.

    One never can be prepared for losing a loved one nor even if there persons are ill, let alone to lose your loved one so suddenly as we lost you..nor will I be ok or ever believe that you truly are no longer here on earth.

    A dream lost & a nightmare that shall never end.

    I never knew a person can live in shock…it turns out you can….& I still am & will always be.

    I know your destiny was in the hands of God and you lived here ,as you believed & said, temporarily before finding your destiny which is to live to die and be closer to God where your journey truly then will begin.

    Heaven is lucky to have you..and we were lucky to also have had you,though we didn’t get enough of you.

    I miss you.

    I love you,

    May You Rest In Peace..

    Forever Your LiL’ Sister…Camo.

    Camo - Family

    I miss you a lot the sadness in me can’t be filled the time I passed through without you was like a little boy lost in the desert but your sister and your daughters were very supportive in the endthis is life this is what god wanted and if I had one wish and one wish only I would wish for you to be here. RIP Rami a great leader and a true freind.

    Rami fakhoury - Family

    Happy Fathers Day !!!! from down here your kids send their love to you… they miss you a lot and every day we talk about you ,and remember you in all stages of your life… but they always want to hear funny stories !!! we have an abundance of anectode to tell them, and as they grow the stories will be different but the passion will remain.

    To day May posted this on her phone:


    How true !!! Rami did live life to the utmost !!! and the girls watched , joined & enjoyed.. they learned a lot from him.. he has embedded a lot of good things in their heart and mind.

    As years pass they will keep watching him live through his legacy, through the things he has done, and said… they learn from the things that people said about their father, and they will grow knowing that the yhave a great man , a father that touched so many hearts and lives , a father that to him they were the most preciuos things in life, whom he wanted to spend much time with them….

    God have chosen to have him by his side… God has chosen that his girls stay by our side, its a wisdom we can not argue, but HIS MERCY will guide us through…

    Love you Rami and miss you more and more every day…

    your ever loving Mum

    Rami’s Mum - Family

    Was in Ramool not too long ago visiting a car workshop next to the factory, and I drove by in the area. Flashbacks just kept rushing through my mind of heavy memories I have had in that place.

    My father and Rami were very close and their love and respect to each other funneled down to our hearts. I recall clearly the sessions I used to have with Rami to discuss career, life, ambitions, aspirations, plans, cars… Like a brother I never had, he surely is missed!

    I miss them both dearly, and I only wish they both were around. I pray to God for forgiveness, blessings, and wide heaven doors.


    Rami M. Zeidan - Family

    It’s been one year since your death your memory will always stay in our hearts days are like centuries without you but in the end life is too short and your daughters are in great hands we all miss you R.I.P Rami Makhzoumi a true friend and a great leader

    Rami Fakhoury - Family

    نحنا كلّنا إفتقدناك , ويمكن سبقتنا بكّير بسّ إنت تركت فينا ذكرى معناها حبّ النّاس والتّقرب أكتر
    رامي قدّ ما غالينا بإفتقادك ما لح نعرف أدّيش فؤاد وميّ إفتقدوك وما بدنا نعرف وقت البيكونو مع حالهم وين بيصيرو بعد رحيلك , تأكّد يا حاج رامي إنّو هالسنة الأولى مرقت بسرعة ولقاءنا قريب .
    إشتقنالك وإستفقدناك الله معك

    tarek bady - Family

    If tears could build a stairway,
    And memories a lane,
    We would all walk right up to Heaven
    And bring you home again.

    RIP Rami

    Aida FAKHOURY - Family