Tributes | Rami Makhzoumi

    I miss you Rami, now more than ever, you were not only a nephew to me you were a special nephew, a friend and much more , i miss your presence , your calmness and especially your special smile and laughter, what is a comfort to me habib amto ,is to see your precious jewels around God bless them and your precious parents .
    Words cannot express what I am feeling right now nor before, but this is God’s will and nothing could be done or said except أنا لله وإنا اليه راجعون
    I love you Ramroum and will always do………..

    Lina Makhzoumi Oueidat - Family

    Vous resterais toujours dans notre cœur
    Car vous êtes un homme bien et d une famille bien
    Ce que je peu dire que tes enfants sont entrain de
    Grandir et ils vont jamais t’oublier
    Je parle car moi aussi j ai perdu ma femme quand mes
    Enfants avais 4 et 6 ans il ya environ 12 ans
    Dieu merci
    Smail oularbi

    le grand bonjour a papa et mama

    SMAIL OULARBI - Colleague

    I pray to God to rest your soul peace

    Hussein Munther

    Hussein Munther - Colleague

    احببناك يا اروع انسان عرفناه كنت بالنسبه لنا اب و اخ و زميل وعندما فقدناك سألنا الله بأكباد ملتهبه ربي ارحم حبيبنا و اسكنه فسيح جناتك في عليين

    الله يرحمك يا رامي

    Hussein Munther - Friend

    Allah Yerhamak ya Rami – for me you are the best successful young business man in the Middle East, and your personality is a sample for everyone – always in my memory……

    mohamad badran - Other Tributes

    May his soul rest in peace forever…!!!


    everytime i visit you i feel good and warm
    GOD bless you
    till next week

    mohammad makhzoumi - Family

    “Paying attention to the home is the most important means of building a moral society. The society is formed of the household and families, which form its building blocks. Households form neighborhoods, and neighborhoods form societies. If the building blocks are sound, the society will be based on the laws of what’s just, standing firm in the face of wrong, and filled with goodness that evil cannot penetrate. Then these moral homes will produce pillars of society who will reform and guide it aright.”

    You said that in year 2001 in tribute to our 25th anniversary.. Young man you were, yet your words full of wisdom… I wish you were still around to see through what you called for. You were proud that you are a pillar in our family and looked forward to carrying the load…. Allas my son, you are gone but the pillar is still holding on , with foundation you installed it will carry on for years to come.

    Miss you Mum, miss you loads….

    Mum - Family

    Today a friend of mine who knew you since you were a baby, called me to tell me about a beautiful dream about you…. she shared with us celebrating your legacy the night before and all the memories of the past years passed in her mind… that night you visisted her in her dream , she said you were there at our lounge greeting her with your happy smile, with your serene presence glowing with happiness and content….your message to us through that dream , was loud and clear I am here, I am with you in the house, I am around you and share every thing with you…. Habibi, your presence is felt with every step we take, with every corner we sit, with every word we say….. Your glowing smile, means a lot,,,, for me it means you are content in your new life, and more you are content that we have moved to the new house and that the kids are living with us and that you are watching over them…..

    My God how much we miss you ,,,,,how hard every day is without you…. I see your girls grow, I see them bloom, and I only wish you are around …. you live through them, you live through us, through your sisters, through your firends, through your colleagues, through all who live you….. and soon you will live through all those who will read your book… your leadership is alive !!!!

    RIP Habibi… your ever loving mum

    MUM - Family

    I cannot accept that you have left us. My consolation is that you are in a better place. You are always remembered and your children are the joy of our lives. God Bless your Soul, your DAD
    االله يرحمك يا رامي

    Fouad Makhzoumi - Family

    Happy Birthday Rami. I often think of you. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

    Mathieu - Other Tributes

    Happy Birthday thinking of you again!

    Jessica - Friend