Tributes | Rami Makhzoumi

    Dear Friends,
    Few days ago I lost my most precious treasure, I lost my son. I still cannot believe he has departed , I still cannot comprehend this tragedy… My heart , my soul grieve deeply… My only consolation other than hugging his kids, was having all his close friends with us, the family , the friends and people travelling from all over to be with us and bid farewell to Rami.. For those who could not make it called, e mailed , sent messages… This flow of affection, of attention , of sharing helped in the healing process…. It was not only our loss, it was the loss of everyone who knew him and it’s a loss for the world. He achieved a lot in his short life, and left a legacy behind him…. We will all carry on with his ideas, whether in business ,in philanthropy , in family issues, in everything he talked about. We will carry on his vision and his dreams… He always looked for ways to make the world a better place to be , and I as his mother is very proud to have had a son like him who enlightened our lives and those around him.

    In honoring my promise to carry the torch, I am sending the news letter that I was supposed to send over the Week end… for I know from high above he looking at me smiling and saying , I have always been proud of you mum and I will always be….

    Mrs. May Makzhoumi

    May Makhzoumi - Mother

    Rami was my son, my friend and my soul mate. He was our mentor who only saw the good nature of human beings and he dealt with people accordingly. He had a vision and forward looking strategy to build a better and a more efficient world. Rami received his Bachelors of Science in Business Studies from the University of Buckingham in 1998 and in 2003, achieved the Young Professional Program Executive Diploma from the London Business School. In January 1999 he assumed the role of Group Vice-President, Business Development for Future Pipe Industries. In 2001, he became the Chief Operating Officer of the company until October 2003 when he was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer. Rami led the drive to change the organization from within by launching a group-wide restructuring effort known as “The Evolution and Revolution” Strategic Initiatives. As leader, he managed to expand the business into new segments and territories, and more than tripled the sales of the group, whilst growing the bottom line at even higher rates, by virtue of his migration of the Group into a Global Operating Model, and the application of innovative management techniques. He was awarded in April 2011 the Master class CEO of the Year award.

    He held a lifetime membership to the Institute of Directors UK and was a member of the Arab-Deutsche Chamber of Commerce, the International Desalination Association, and the Council on Foreign Relations. In addition, Rami served as a Regional Board Member of the Young Arab Leaders and was also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization. Rami was a featured speaker at numerous Family Business Forums, Regional Leadership conferences, as well as on Socio-Economic based programs. In addition to his business posts he was also the Vice-President of the Makhzoumi Foundation, a philanthropic organization, based in Lebanon, which through its vocational, micro-credit, health and awareness programs has seen over 300’000 beneficiaries.

    Almighty God has blessed us by keeping Rami with us for 33 years where he achieved all what he has planned to do which more than the majority of people can achieve in a lifetime. God Almighty has decided to take him to his side at 14:30 on 23 April 2011. Rami was an Angel and he is in a better place looking at us. May God bless his soul and let’s all pray for him.

    Fouad Makhzoumi, father of Rami

    Fouad Makhzoumi - Father