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    Rami Soul

    I have received today anew position in FPI my friend , I cry too much , I’m remember your words ……..

    really we miss you Rami

    Hussein Munther

    Hussein Munther - Friend

    Hi rami,
    I miss you..soooo terribly……a freind of ours passed away in a tragic car accident and like you my brother, he suffered sever brain damage and passed away yesterday and today he was buried. Its so sad but as of what we went and are still going through …I thought I’d leave them a tribute that I left on Rony’s page but I thought I would share it with you here:
    Words are forces of compassion and genuinely sorrow but the feeling of the absolute of our fear in a moment of complete confusion and question God, “why?? ! Why him? Our son,our brother our love!?!? Remember that God has timed our lives to the second that we are conceived to the second that we die, it’s not for us to question after God has taken the one’s we love , because no answers can bring them back, God put angels on this earth for reasons each unique reasons that Rony was here for , he was a messenger on earth as an angel from above. My fathers cousin and close friend of my brother Samer Omar Makhzoumi died in 1998 age 25 in a tragic car accident that claimed the lives of 3 other than Sammer that fatal day, the only son leaving 2 sisters. Then God chose that it was my late brothers time Rami Fouad Makhzoumi. He also passed away at the age 32 in April 2012 in a sudden tragic death within 36 hrs of finding a blood clot in his brain that soon claimed his life, he was my parents only son, my only brother. Rami ,just like Sammer and Rony Abou Joude were still at the peaks or the begining of the rise in their lives, my brother left behind 3 children, all girls that we are truly blessed to have. I pray that parents, brother, sister or Rony try to stand strong , no matter how hard ,do not give up your faith in God. It won’t seem real for a while , sometimes it never will , the reality that they’re actually gone. It’s so important that you Learn to celebrate his life and not just mourned his death. Remember every moment happy each and every one of you shared with Rony, the smiles, the laughters and keep that spark of Rony alight in your lives, everyday, talk about memories as he was a child and the ones with him till the last day that he was still part if this life. We are all here on earth merely passing through living and learning , to live and keep our faith close to our hearts especially through the hardest times or when you are afraid, Inshallah ya rab they are peaceful where they are and that he will eternally be 26 in this life and the life he in now after. Pray for him, remember though he has gone ,he wouldn’t want you to cry but for you to be at peace that he is ok and didn’t suffer. May God be with all Rony Abou Joude’s family, friends, fans and those who heartfelt sorrows,


    Camellia Makhzoumi

    Camo -

    I didn’t know him when he was alive but his life is retold in a sensational way .A great way to celebrate and honour his life.I wish he is reborn with greater qualities in a place he is needed most.

    Jimmi - Other Tributes

    May his soul rest in peace forever…!!!

    Hassan - Other Tributes

    My dear friend Rami,

    I am in Dubai wishing I had the opprtunity to spend time with you. I will always treasure our frienship.

    Your friend from Mexico

    Raymundo Leal - Friend

    Just found out about Rami, I only remember him as a baby but very sorry to hear this news. Ray Johnson

    Ray Johnson - Other Tributes

    Happy New Year….Wish you were here xxx

    Rona Serhan - Friend

    I would like to thank all of you who has shared your thoughts and feelings , from Friends, to Colleagues, to family and mostly to those who never met Rami, but still wanted to pay a tribute… This is encouraging as it means Rami’s contribution to this world is not going in vain…

    I hope once the book is available for the public, to see more and more contributes from those inspired by his life.

    I only wish Rami was here to see for himself that his dream is slowly coming through…

    God Chose him to be by his side and may he RIP…..

    Kindest regards

    Rami’s Mum

    Mum - Family

    We studied at Dulwich College together, he was a genuinely nice guy and very kind. I feel sad at the news of his passing and my thoughts and prayers are with his family, may Allah guide you and keep you safe.

    Daniel Smith - Friend


    PRIYA -

    I haven’t known Rami personally, but I heard of him through common friends, and going through this website I couldn’t help but leave a small note for him, the wonderful person that he seems to have been and for the beautiful family that raised him. May God rest his soul in peace and may he forever live through his family and friends. I will say a prayer for him. InshaAllah he’s in a better place.

    Anonymous - Other Tributes

    Its your favourite day of the week,the holy day of the week..friday. As I hear the noon prayers I think of you.. I try to take a deep breath as I feel your presence linger in the air and through the sounds of the prayers calling Gods followers. Everytime I hear the mosques calling for prayers or the Kora’an is being read, I can’t help but shed a tear and the hairs on the back of my neck stand. Its a beautiful sound,the calling to Gods followers….and I love it especially because you loved God so much…but..I also am reminded of hearing the callings when you passed away and we were waiting to bury you and the images keep flashing in my head and my heart pounded as the last time you were physically still here was when you passed me in your coffin before your last place to be left to rest…….

    I miss you ever so much…I love you Rami..

    Forever your little sister..

    Inshallah…one day…we will be together again..

    Camo -