Video Tribute

Rami was an inspirational and visionary leader. Here is a short video compilation of him speaking at
various internal work seminars.

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What a big loss to the World! Such a smart elegant witty funny friend! You will always be missed and Never Forgotten RIP Sweet Angel
- Samia Mubarak

Miss you MUM... So much....
- Mum

RIP Rami Makhzoumi God bless your soul you are the one that made me want to continue the gurney of life and made me want to give my best in order to become like you. You are my inspiration.
- Rami Fakhoury

Actually i would like to say only one thing that he was a son of a great father named Respected Foud sir. He is a great personality as well as his son is also. May his soul always be rest in a peace. God bless you all.
- Gurpreet Singh

Only the good go early!!! Such an amazing leader.......RIP
- Wael El Khoury

Dear Fouad and Family, I only got the sad information about the loss of your son very recently. First of all my condolances with this terrible loss of your beloved son, whom I have met very shortly before I went in retirement. Nevertheless the first impression was of a promising young man modest but very determined and charismatic. Marianne and I wish you, family and particurlar his wife and children great strength to overcome this loss but at the same with pride to have good memories on Rami. Yours Sincerely Marianne and Hein Louwman
- Hein Louwman

Habibi, I was so much looking forward to continuing the journey by your side !!!!!! but Alas, you are not around, and we are continuing the journey by your children's side.... I pray that God gives us the strength, and lead us through to bring them up the right way , the way you wished.... Its Ramadan, the month you loved the most...the month you felt so happy with.... fasting, iftar then tarawee7, whereever you were , London, Byr, Dubai, you never missed a day.... God have lead you through , and following his guideness gave you peace and strength.. Faith has helped you go through difficult times... you were a good believer, may God have Mercy on you and spread the light over you.... Miss you lots mum.....
- May Makhzoumi

My God bless his soul
- Hassan

Thank you Tina for sharing with us what you saw in Rami... This is exactly how he was an inspiration during his life, and he will hopefully carry on to be an inspiration.... in a few months a book will be out and I hope that will be even more inspirational.. Keep any eye out for it !! Rami's Mum
- May F Makhzoumi

أم رامي .... عوضك الله الصبر ، وأنالك عظيم الأجر . أسكن الله الفقيد الجنان وألهمك الصبر والسلوان . كل من عليها فان ، ويفوز المصاب الصابر بالجنان .
- Eiad Murad

I didn't know him and I didn't know how he died. But I watched the video and I see how he LIVED! He's an inspiration to us all!
- Tina olivero

Rami, you were tragically taken from us, and that's what makes it so hard. But, we all love you so much and still wish that you were still here,,,,
- Eiad Murad

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