Video Tribute

Rami was an inspirational and visionary leader. Here is a short video compilation of him speaking at
various internal work seminars.

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Don't worry mum, your teaching will carry on, with in FPI, and to a greater audience , with the Chait at Oulayan school of business, later with the book , you voice will be heard , your spirit and ambition will survive.... in few years times when your kids are young budding adults, they too will follow your foot steps, for they are proud to be your daughters and want you to be proud of them too.... Miss you lots .... Mum
- May F Makhzoumi

Je suis smail d’Algérie représentative for fpi industrial market algéria Je suis vraiment très touché jusqu’à aujourd’hui de la disparition de Mr Rami que dieu garde sa famille Je suis très touché car moi aussi j ai perdu ma femme il ya 11 ans j ai deux enfants maintenant ils ont 17 et 19 ans je suis comptant ils sont grand smail
- oularbi smail

My God bless his soul , love you my friend rami and we will never forget a good person like you.
- Ibrahim osta

Such a talented, successful, and humble young man!!! Rami's warm smile and smiling eyes will always be remembered... Rest in peace sweety...
- Seem Farra

Rami is the true modern evolution of yesterdays generation, an evolvement into young, visionary, aggressive and wise is this generation that makes the future what it it will be.... Respect!
- Rami Zeidan

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