Tributes from Friends

    i met Rami only a few times but he really touched my heart at the amount of passion and emotion he had to give to all the people around him. For someone so young it was incredible how much he achieved! He made you feel everything was within your reach if you tryHe adored his family and you could immediately feel how important they were in his life. May God rest his soul in peace he will remain forever young in our hearts , our souls ,and our prayers………..

    sherinejafar - Friend


    I will always cherish the memories.

    Memories of us all growing up together.

    Exchanging valuable thoughts and opinions,

    Meaningful conversations, and so much laughter.

    I will always remember the great times we shared,

    Just like they were yesterday.

    It is very difficult to accept, or to understand such an absence;

    No words can express..

    But, fresh in the mind, and forever,

    Your memory lives on, and continues to inspire.

    You will always be missed Rams.


    Tarek Jabre - Friend

    Rami was taken away too soon. He had a vision of how to improve FPI and make it even better of what it is. We will miss him.

    Omar Wehbe - Friend

    My heart skipped a beat when I heard the awful news. I wanted some time to pass before sending you my thoughts about someone who I will never forget.

    Even though his life was short, he accomplished plenty and touched so many people in so many ways. It is almost ironic that he left us so young.

    I will never forget our childhood together, his endless generosity and his unique sense of care. He was a very special part of my life growing up in London and all of us, his real friends, feel a sense of loss that is hard to explain.

    Even though we spoke less frequently after I moved to New York, I always knew that I could call him at anytime and he would embrace me with the same affection he did when we were growing up.
    Life will never be the same, time does heal.

    Khaled Beydoun - Friend

    Rami was a great person who achieved a lot before he was taken from us all too early. He was special in many ways, always making YOU feel special, although it was him in reality who was the one. To many who didn’t know him till his career started off, he will be known as Rami. For me though, he will always be known as my little Kuala – which for the true friends of his will know well. I cherish the memories and experiences we had. RIP my little Kuala, the world is a lesser place without you.

    Chris Kelley - Friend

    Most people who were fortunate enough to meet Rami, will remember him as mature, kind and polite. To me, he was far more than that…

    I first met Rami when we were 11yrs old at Hill House School. I remember Rami was shy at that time, but we seemed to make a connection early on.

    By age 13, we both attended Dulwich College and were put in the same classes. This was when the more mischievous side of Rami came out and it was where we really bonded and were together every second of the day. There are so many stories that come to mind, too many to mention, but for me, one of the most memorable moments at Dulwich, was our French class. We had a teacher who constantly picked on us, probably because we always did the minimum amount of work, and spent the whole time in class planning our weekends (girls, nightclubs..the usual teen thoughts) and laughing in the back of the classroom. The French teacher (who remains anonymous) used to pick on Rami more than me, and we assumed it was because Rami used to come to school dressed in Armani suits and Ralph Lauren shirts… his fashion sense began at an early age.

    By age 17, Rami got his driving license and I remember him picking me up in the mornings to go to school in his red Suzuki jeep. On many occasions, he would come to my place on a sunny morning with the top down, look at me and say “shall we bunk school today?”…It really didn’t take me long to say yes! …..and if you’re thinking we got up to no good on those days off…you’d be so wrong… we would always land up falling asleep in his car, parked in his garage !!

    This was also the worst age for our parents to deal with us…. I recall a funny moment (looking back) when we decided to miss school to go to the London Motor show. I remember being at the Ferrari stand looking at the cars when Rami’s phone rang…. it was Auntie May, who casually asked him “where are you habibi?” knowing he wasn’t at school. At first I remember Rami saying he was in the library, but then caved in and told her he was with me at the motor show. All I remember from then on was his smile as he looked at me and said, “we’re busted!” …five minutes later my phone rang, it was my mother saying why are you with Rami and not at school! …. We were both grounded that weekend!

    At the end of our Dulwich days came the epic Corfu, Club Med holiday…. a group of friends travelling on holiday with Rami as leader. Those who went on that trip or who heard the stories will know the amount of fun we had, and that Rami played a pivotal role in all our adventures… and more importantly, it was Rami who connected all of us together. Looking back at the hundreds of pictures from that Corfu trip, Rami was in every single picture…he was the centre of our attention, he was the reason we all got on so well, and had such a great time.

    Then university came… we would spend our Saturdays with a group of about 20 people in the famous Henry J. Beans, in Kings’ Road, and our nights in various nightclubs. We would always meet at Rami’s flat, plan our attack strategies to pick up girls and get the best tables in the club, head out, and on most nights return back, the same unsuccessful group. Rami was always the man in charge, and even when he broke his collar bone, and had his arm in a sling, he still soldiered on, taking us to the clubs he had memberships in…, ensuring we all got in and had a great time. He was a major part of the London scene…even at such an early age; he never left us standing alone and always took care of us.

    It was during the university years that Rami started experimenting with different looks, it all started with his hair… first he shaved his head, then grew a pony tail, then played with hair colours and designs, dying his hair in zebra or leopard prints. His facial hair was the next area of interest before moving on to his fashion dress sense. I remember on many occasions Rami going to Gucci and choosing outfits that made us look at him and say “are you serious? You’re going to buy that?”, but he always had a flair for fashion, and somehow always made it work to his advantage. He always ended up being the best dressed person at any event, and was always meticulous and well groomed.

    There are so many stories I’d like to share, so many memories, so many lessons Rami taught me, but as painful as this is to write, I will conclude by saying, Rami was more than just a friend to me, he was my brother. We had so much in common, the same goals, the same ideas, and he was always so easy to talk to… until this day, I still feel that Rami is closer to me than most members of my own direct family. He was such a great listener, and knew exactly what to say at the right moments. Before making any big decision, I would consult Rami and ask him what his opinion or thoughts were… he was an inspiration and a major part of my life and childhood. I am so proud of him, and have such a deep respect for him… he is the true meaning of the word legend.

    I miss you and love you bro!

    Nuri Fattah - Friend

    A smile that could light up a town. A generous and kind soul that humbled us all. A pure original class act. A great son, father, husband and friend. He will forever live in our minds with the fondest memories.

    I miss him every day. I think of him every day. With this loss I still smile, such is the positive affect he always had on me.

    I love him. Will always love him and was so blessed like many others to have him in my life the way I did.
    ‘What a man’ is an understatement.

    I know he’s in a better place teaching a few people about style, generosity and love and I’m sure he’s doing it with the up most grace.

    Thanks for your friendship and teaching us all how to be a better person.

    I love you.

    Karim Walid Nsouli - Friend

    It is very hard to know where to start with this given the countless stories and happy memories that relate to Rami….

    My friendship with Rami started one fateful day in McDonalds on High Street Kensington (of all places!!) when I was 14. He actually approached me at the counter completely out of the blue and mentioned that he had attended my sister’s wedding the week before – he asked me how she was doing and to send her his best wishes. I remember vividly how I was instantly struck by Rami’s warmth and it is no surprise that we quickly became the best of friends, a friendship that lasted for more than 20 years.

    For the next 7 years we were virtually inseparable, with Rami’s apartment (the legendary 47A Cheniston Gardens) becoming the ‘group’s’ headquarters and the scene of much laughter and mischief. Rami really was the architect of ‘our group’ as we know it today – none of us really knew each other and it was he who brought us together.

    He was the glue that kept us all together and was consistently the pivotal figure in all we did, a result of the affection that everyone held him in. He was always positive, so genuine, absolutely hilarious and generous to a fault. He also had this incredible ability to relate to each of us individually even though many of us possessed contrasting characters- this was a trait that served him incredibly well in his later years as a highly successful businessman.

    Of course, generosity was Rami’s forte, both materially and emotionally. I remember countless occasions when one of us would comment positively on a new CD or an item of clothing he had just bought- he would literally INSIST on you taking it and wouldn’t take ‘no’ as an answer. Or when any of us would have a problem, he would put aside all of his worries and problems and concentrate solely on solving your issue. This was an extraordinary characteristic that would remain with him throughout his life.

    His eccentricity was also something that naturally drew people to him. His dress sense throughout his life was, let’s just say, original! Who could ever forget his incredibly loud Versace waist coats or his bright red/yellow cashmere long coats??! The crème de la crème for me was his 18th birthday party at Annabels when he turned up wearing a Scottish kilt, sporting a shaved leopard print head! Very few could get away with it but Rami was most certainly one of those who could. He was a rare breed whichever way you look at it….

    Memories of holidays in Beirut and Monaco, nights out at L’Equipe and Iceni, weekends at his country house or just hanging out wherever, instantly make me smile and of course Rami was the central character in amongst it all.

    In short, those years were easily the most memorable of my life, despite the fact that most of them were literally spent in his apartment! I think if you were to ask any of the boys, they would probably agree and would add that they have never laughed so much or so hard as we did in those years.

    When Rami got married and moved to Dubai, we lost touch for several years, which was natural as he was starting a new life both personally and professionally.

    It was a good 5 or 6 years before our paths crossed again. At that time, I called him up to tell him that I was about to make the move to Dubai and said that I was looking forward to seeing him. He instantly wanted to know about my accommodation arrangements to which I responded by saying that I was struggling to find a place. Within 24 hours, he called me back to offer me one of the company apartments to stay in until I had found a more permanent place. I was incredibly grateful to him but not in the least bit surprised by the generosity of his offer.

    Over the next 5 or 6 years, we became very close again but it was a different Rami. Whilst most of us had continued to fool around in London in the preceding years, he had developed into an incredibly impressive young man, becoming CEO of a major infrastructure company and a highly respected member of the UAE business community. Here was a responsible, mature family man with 3 wonderful kids, a man of unwavering faith and religion who was now living his life responsibly and selflessly. His generosity and humility, though, did not change- in fact, they became even more pronounced as he became older.

    It was 3 years later that Rami’s company, Future Pipe, decided to IPO, and Deutsche, the bank I was working for, won the mandate to sell the stake to the public. I was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to work on the sales process which meant travelling with Rami and the rest of his team around the World in order to meet prospective stakeholders.

    Of course travelling around the World had to be done in style, and in true Rami fashion, he hired a private jet to take us around Europe and the US! I will never forget those 2 weeks – despite being incredibly intense and challenging, we had the time of our lives.

    I’ll never forget how proud I was of him at the time- here was one of my oldest friends presenting in front of some of the most powerful money men in the World. And the reaction was universal and incredibly positive. In fact, one of our largest clients in New York actually called me up to say that in all his years ‘ he had never met a more impressive CEO than Rami’, words that will always remain with me forever….

    It was all to end in heartache though as the IPO failed to materialise- our timing was unfortunate given the global downturn. It was a cruel blow after weeks and months of incredibly hard work, especially for Rami who had put everything into this. I was personally devastated and felt responsible given I was part of the sales process.

    On the flight back from New York, I was at the back of the plane staring into thin air and literally feeling like the World had ended. Rami came to sit next to me and saw the pain on my face and began to console me. Here was the CEO of the company, who had his own much bigger issues to deal with, consoling me!! I simply couldn’t believe it but I shouldn’t have been surprised because that was Rami through and through….
    Fast forward 4 years and we found ourselves in South of France on the Big Mak – a holiday that I will never forget. They were 10 days that proved to be highly significant as Rami and Chiara were brought together on a fateful night in Jimmy’s of all places! The spark between the two of them was instantly obvious, and when she cut her foot on a stray piece of glass later that evening, it was Rami that nursed her and made sure she was ok. Chiara clearly couldn’t believe that a complete stranger could show so much affection, but for us, it was no surprise at all. That was so typical of Rami ….

    Six months later and Rami and Chiara would tie the knot which led to the happiest period of Rami’s life. To say that he was floating on air would do an injustice to the almost euphoric state he was in. Most people in this World will never be lucky enough to feel what Rami felt in those months, and although it was a cruelly short space of time, we must take comfort in the fact that he left us at his happiest…..

    I am just so grateful to have known this special person whose sole mission on Earth seems to have been to bring joy and happiness to all he touched. Rami’s passing has left a massive void in my life – I have lost one of my oldest friends, a soul mate, a huge source of inspiration, a brother. I have lost someone who I looked up to for all he achieved in such a short space of time. And above all, I have lost someone who I simply loved for being him, a unique and gentle soul who was larger than life.

    It is true what they say- ‘the good ones go young’. And I feel comfort in the knowledge that he is in a far better place right now smiling down on us… RIP Habibi Rami….

    Fouad Dajani - Friend

    An eccentric, a character, flamboyant. These are perhaps obvious aspects when people think of Rami. Although already rare to find in someone, these characteristics merely dressed a man who had an innate ability to connect with everyone. A romantic, sensitive, expressive, emotive man, and above all an intelligent man. He translated these very ‘human’ qualities into a world where they are so lacking, so scarce, frowned upon as weaknesses. He had his own inimitable style, grand and inspirational yet approachable. He threw out the rule book of the aggressive business world, brought his own ideas and reaped the rewards.

    These traits also helped him pick his friends carefully and surround himself with the people who cared about him in the same way he would care for them. I am privileged to have been one of those people. The rewards were immeasurable. With his infectious laugh, it was always a pleasure to be in his company. He was extremely generous with his time and thoughts towards anyone around him. He was a great speaker but also a great listener, a lateral thinker whereby advice and new suggetions were easy to come by, presented in a neat and witty fashion. It didn’t matter if a year had passed since we spoke we would pick up just where we left. Natural, no awkwardness. I always felt as though if I needed anything it would be provided for, at the drop of a hat. I feel proud to be able to say Rami was a friend of mine.

    I feel like I have lost a brother.

    ciao amico mio, you will be missed.

    Alessio Lorenzi - Friend

    I really admired him. For his intellect, hilarious sense of humour and for his big heart which he wore eternally fixed to his sleeve. And for his generosity. Rami was always looking for ways he could help people, he helped me in so many ways. He always did all he could to make life better for those around him, for the friends and family he loved and adored. I will miss him deeply.

    Mustafa Alrawi - Friend

    I came to know Rami as a charming, considerate and generous individual, dedicated to his family and close friends and committed to doing right by people. Rami was very much one-of-a kind and the world will certainly be a much less brighter place without him. May he rest in peace.

    Mazen Soueidan - Friend

    It is impossible to capture the qualities that made Rami such a special person in just a few words, however his drive to have a positive impact on all, his principal of humble servitude and his unwavering faith, i believe, stand out as the pillars of a life spent in commitment to the betterment of this world and all those in it.

    A mentor, friend and a brother are just some of the roles Rami played in my life, but he was so much more to me than this. One of the amazing things about Rami was that he gave so much of himself to elevate those around him, devoting much of his precious time to others. To all his close friends, in both his personal and business life, Rami set the shining example we all aspired to follow. He brought joy to the lives of those around him with his charm, generosity and his infectious sense of humour, and had a positive impact on the wider world through his visionary entrepreneurial spirit and his altruistic nature. Rami’s ability to see the good in others and focus his many facets on encouraging its growth was his gift to those who came across his path. Blessed with humility, empathy and patience in abundance, Rami was a beacon of pure light in this world igniting a glow in everyone and everything he touched.

    His humble servitude to his family, friends and those he worked with as well as to the “greater good” was inspiring. This is what i understood to be the underlying principle that guided Rami’s each and every interaction. He was constantly and quietly pondering on how he could deliver healing, joy and growth to peoples’ lives and extract these same qualities from all situations he was presented with.

    Rami’s unwavering faith was something to behold and was the foundation for the prolific energy he generated in his life. I feel truly blessed to have shared in the life of such a gifted, pious and loving human being, and i will forever hold his spirit in my heart and strive to propagate the many lessons he left me with.

    Toufic Farah - Friend