Tributes from Friends

    May This Day Bring Not Sorrow , But Joy In The Hearts Of Your Loved Ones, Who Will Remember You Forever In The Light Of Happiness.
    And Share Today This celebration In Their Hearts, Whilst You In The Heavens Above…..Be It With God…..R.I.P. Rami Makhzoumi.

    Rino Lista.

    Rino Lista - Friend

    Happy birthday Brother, nobody will forget you… we will always remenber you ……..

    jad harik - Friend

    It was only a good 10 minutes I had with Rami in April 2011 when he received the Masterclass CEO of the Year award. Sadly he left us but his legacy lives on…I will dedicate the 2012 Awards ceremony in his honor for youngaspiring leaders..may your soul rest in peace Rami..

    Norman - Friend

    I have known Rami since a very young age, and can remember very well the good times spent with him and our families in Canada, Lebanon, Dubai and the UK… Last time we played Pool in the family country house, he beat me…
    Then there was a time gap where we did not see each other much… until we met again, more recently, and this was when I really felt we could strengthen our friendship and enjoy our time together on a much more frequent basis… It’s been a few months since we last enjoyed dinner and dancing, and it feels like yesterday… the image of Rami that I have in my mind is that of a happy, smiley, sharp, genuine friend who was enjoying life to the max, every minute of it! I have to say he was in the happiest state I had ever seen him in, caring for his lovely young family while handling demanding business, simultaneously.
    I just wish we had more time to spend together, so much more time… Such a great loss, and such a shame. You will be deeply missed, and always in my thoughts and mind. Rest in peace my friend.

    Ramy Habib - Friend

    Rami, I have been blessed to know you well and witness your successes and achievements over the years, both as a friend of the family and a colleague. Throughout your childhood, our families remained close as we saw you grow to become a mature man ready to follow his dad’s footsteps.

    When you joined the Future Pipes Group, you immediately turned out to be a gifted entrepreneur with a strong vision and the power to motivate employees at every level.
    Your kindness, determination and vision for the group inevitably inspired us all and encouraged us to reach beyond our targets. Undoubtedly, you have become a role model for a generation of young aspiring leaders.

    Your life was inexplicably short… Yet, you managed have a very successful entrepreneur, but most importantly an adored son, a caring brother and a loving father. You also leave behind an immense emptiness shared by everyone who had the chance to know you: family, friends and colleagues.
    We will always cherish your memories in our hearts.

    Rest in Peace,
    Antoine Habib

    Antoine Habib - Friend

    I know it is wrong but I pretend this is not true. I am still denying what has happened in my mind and in my heart. I have wanted to write something but have not been able to. It makes things too final which I am not ready for.

    I often think of you in the most random things that only you would understand. I laugh within when thinking of a memory, a song or a moment in our lives and it makes me smile and even cracks me up. I live in my memories of you and of our child hood. We grew up together; you showed me so many things in my life. You showed me how to love and how to give love. We were each other’s first loves and I am so happy to have had part of you in defining who I am today. You taught me the importance of being a true person in life and being driven to do good. You taught me the importance of legacy and faith. You showed me what an amazing quality it is to be able to show your true feelings laid bare and vulnerable. A quality you possessed at such a young age. The things you would say, the way you would write was that of a person so much older than the young boy you were. I think of our over the top gestures, the poems, the fights, the secret language, the 50 songs that we thought were written for us. I smile at it all! I cherish it all! It was perfect. It was so innocent, deep and simply beautiful. Thank you!

    When I think of you I imagine you playing with the girls, designing yet another magical home, giving a motivational speech at a company, laughing your head off, or on a boat somewhere wearing something that only you and Prince could get away with I knew your life would be filled with love and happiness. If I close my eyes I can see your smile and see the twinkle in your perfect eyes.

    I have my thoughts, I have my memories and I will cherish them forever. You are forever within my soul and you have part of my heart.
    There is so much more to say but that is as much as I can do. I know you understand.


    Jvgess 🙂

    Jessica Khazaei - Friend


    Many of your aggrieved family members and friends have told you how much they love you and how much they miss you. There is no way I can compete with their wonderful and sincere tributes.

    I want to remember you in my own way. I recollect those moments when you used to confide in me early in your professional life. We talked about life and your aspirations. We talked about the outstanding entrepreneurship of your father and the legacy in the making that he was building up then. We also talked about that torch that you eventually took over, reluctantly at the beginning, and defended so vehemently thereafter.

    Your wit, determination, and most of all your ability to mobilize and motivate people around you were easily noticeable. You were eloquent and your speeches were so unique. You have captivated people who were many decades your seniors.

    You have left behind unerasable prints, lots of tears that shall keep on pouring, beautiful daughters to remember you by, but most of all consoling memories in the hearts of those who have known you.

    You may be in a better place now but it would have been good to have you around for a much longer time.

    Saba Zreik - Friend

    Kind eyes, contagious smile and elegant in every way, this is how I remember Rami. It was few occasions that we met, but Rami had a presence that made an impact. He would make you smile and brought with him a warm and serene energy. May God rest your soul Rami and may the winds of heaven always dance around you.

    Shannon McCarthy - Friend

    How lucky I am to have known someone who was so hard to say
    goodbye to. god bless you’r soul and give your parent the force to hold on…….i didn’t know you for long but once was enough to see how a good loving person you was >>>i miss you my friend

    Hassan Nazha - Friend

    My heart hurts when I think of you. It is still hard for me to accept what happened. I wish I could go back in time to see you. You made me want to be a better person. You were one of a kind, one in a million. You could make me believe anything! You could capture an audience without even trying. You were Rami the Great.

    Rana Farra - Friend

    Rami. Habibi. I miss you soo soo much. I love you so much. U make me happy and proud when i think of you. How blessed many of us were to know you. What a man , what a friend , what a son , bother , father and husband. You were everything. I will forever love you and forever have you in my thoughts. God bless you and your family. xxxxxxx.

    Karim Walid Nsouli - Friend

    Although my relation with Rami, was short and superficial, but nevertheless, I cherished this man. He was a simple, understanding, good hearted man and friend. Rami definitly left his, traces in this world. And that is why all who knew Rami, will miss him and remember him.
    Finally, I had the opportunity of meeting, three wonderful roses, who will for sure impress you, for their, resemblance to their father.

    Rami, R.I.P., we all love you, your descendants. and for sure love, respect, Fouad and May, for their wonderful souvenir they brought up, and God left us.

    Tarek Zaki Fakhoury

    Tarek Zaki Fakhoury - Friend