Tributes from Friends

    I’m met Rami several years ago and it comes as a total shock that he had passed away. I just heard about it through mutual friends and am totally lost for words.
    May Allah Bless you with Heaven and may he also give your parents the strength to deal with such a tragic loss.

    Rashed Asadi - Friend

    I was in Rami’s class at Dulwich College and we played on the basketball team together.

    We had a lot of good times at school and I was shocked to learn of his death.

    I was hoping to meet up with him again the next reunion dinner.

    My best wishes to his family

    Nadeem Jawaid - Friend

    Dearest Rami,

    My heart sinks as I am writing this to you.
    I just found out a couple days ago.

    We haven’t talked in so long, and you hadn’t replied to my texts, I just thought you were busy.
    I was thinking of you because it was your birthday, and was going to try to send you an email…..
    And I got to this page.

    I cannot describe how sad I have been these past few days. I think about you and your family all day, all night.

    We have been in each other’s life for 21 years. And although our phone calls were not so frequent, we would spend hours talking about our journeys.
    I just realize that the phone will never ring again with your voice on the other end. That I will never hear us laugh together anymore.

    Last time we spoke was the day before your wedding. You were so happy.
    I expected to hear about everything. Maybe more children, more accomplishments, more projects…..
    Get your emails with your family pictures. And that visit, that will never happen.

    When we met on that beach in Greece with all your boys, I never thought we would grow to be such good friends. Now, 21 years later, my heart is broken.

    You will always be my first love, and my friend. I cannot wait to catch up later when it’s my time. I have so much to tell you.

    All my love, rest in peace and never stop smiling.

    Virginie Zaroff - Friend

    This is unbelievable. My heart sinks as I am writing this.
    Rami was my first love when we were just teenagers.
    Last time we spoke, he was getting married to Chiara and was so happy.
    I never heard from him again and just thought he was busy with his life.

    I was thinking about him this weekend because it was his birthday, so I was looking to contact him.
    I had no idea.

    Darling Rami, you are still the 18 year old young man in my memory. I can still hear the sound of your laughter.
    My deepest condolences to your parents and your family.
    Rest in peace.

    Virginie ZAROFF - Friend

    Dear Rami,
    3 years have passed already… A lot has happened, and our families are growing, now with a new generation on-board… We always think of you in such moments of happiness and wish you were among us to share. That said, we know you are watching over us and that you are happy in a better place…
    The Habibs

    Rami Habib - Friend

    Still hard to believe what happened.
    Thinking of you and your family, you are always in our prayers…
    May your soul rest in peace

    yara habib - Friend

    I was in the year above Rami at Dulwich College and have just stumbled upon the terribly sad news of his passing. I can recall him always being nothing but polite and courteous with a warm and friendly smile, a young man who would always make time to talk on the occasions we met during and outside school.

    Wherever he has gone will be a better place for having him.

    Oliver Bailey - Friend

    Man Its already 2 years and i remenber you daily, i am sure that you are now loking, watching and praying for us. Thank you our angel…..

    Jad Farid Harik - Friend

    I don’t know what to make of it but you are in some of my dreams. I try not to think of you so much as the mention of your name can cause me to react and I can’t seem to control it. My dreams are so vivid and extreme and I remember them clearly. You are either comforting me as I cry or we are in fits of laughter such extremes. I don’t know what to make of it but maybe your visiting me? Is this what it feels like to have someone who has passed come and say hi. I even feel like I have seen you when I wake up. I was not at your funeral and nor have I been to your grave yet so maybe I don’t believe that you are not here. My dreams are of the present not the passed and you congratulated me on my new child. Am I trying to hold on or are you really visiting me. Either way I guess it is a honour to get to spend more time and see you!

    Thinking of you as always.

    J X

    Jessica - Friend

    Rami Soul

    I have received today anew position in FPI my friend , I cry too much , I’m remember your words ……..

    really we miss you Rami

    Hussein Munther

    Hussein Munther - Friend

    My dear friend Rami,

    I am in Dubai wishing I had the opprtunity to spend time with you. I will always treasure our frienship.

    Your friend from Mexico

    Raymundo Leal - Friend

    Happy New Year….Wish you were here xxx

    Rona Serhan - Friend