Tributes from Colleagues

    Your legacy shall forever live on. You are a role model and an inspiration to everyone you meet. Your wisdom and generosity are unmatched and almost holy. You are grander than life; a bright light that shall forever shine in our hearts. Rami, you wanted to change the world to a better place and you had the foresight to do it. We shall continue to honour your legacy. You remain in our prayers.

    Mazen Turk - Colleague

    Rami Makhzoumi was an inspiration both personally and professionally for so many, he was a great friend and business leader. A man of tremendous vision, conviction and dedication, he lived life to the fullest and exhibited his trademark and seemingly limitless passion and energy in all his endeavours. Rami will be sorely missed and always remembered.

    Michael Dakin - Colleague

    Rami was an inspiration. He was a joy to be around, with natural good humour and a generous compassionate nature, which drew people to him. Everyone left meetings with Rami energized and motivated, glad to have had some time in his company. With Rami, anything was possible. My greatest regret is that there will be no more of these moments and hold very dear the time that I had with him. The light that burns brightly, burns for only a short while.

    Matthew Barton - Colleague

    It was in 2006, I met Mr. Rami closely during the inauguration of FPI USA. I was in so much in pain due to an accident which broke my hands, but his kind words gave me a lot of relief. We are in great loss but we can only pray for his soul safe in God’s hands. My hearty condolences to the whole family. May God bless his soul.

    Joy George from Mumbai, India. (Retired FPI Employee)

    Joy George - Colleague

    I have known Rami since I began working with the company 20 years ago. We had an instant connection as he walked in on my interview with his father! His cheerful face broke the ice and beamed kindness through a very nervous interview! We grew up together in the Makhzoumi ‘way of life’ and we shared many stories, secrets and good times which I will always treasure. There are so many great stories I could tell, he had a certain joie de vivre which was second to none.

    I have been Mr Fouad Makhzoumi’s and Rami’s PA in the UK for many years now and looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. The whole family have been there for me in good times and in bad, that’s just the way they are.

    I could sit here for hours and write about Rami and it still wouldn’t be enough. He was an honest and decent young man through and through. He’s certainly left a legacy behind. I have sat here for days contemplating what to say as one can never find the right words. But at the end of the day it’s what you feel in your heart and I’m absolutely devastated by the hole that Rami has left in all of our lives. I still can’t make sense of what has happened and why he has been taken from us so soon.

    He used to joke that I was his big sister. Well Rami, your ‘big sister’ misses you so much and I’m just glad that you have been a part of my life. You truly are an angel looking down on us with your sweet, infectious smile.

    His 3 beautiful girls, lovely wife and great parents and sisters are all so brave and my thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

    Carmen x

    Carmen Vicente - Colleague

    I have worked with Mr. Rami and the Makhzoumi family for the past 10 months and I can honestly say I have never seen such amazing people in my life. Mr. Rami was one of the kindest, sweetest and most humble people I’ve ever met. I will never forget his special laughter, his sweet smile and his warmth and I’m glad that what I remember the most is his laughter.

    He made it his personal goal to help everyone he encountered. It is just amazing to leave the world with more than hundreds of thousands of people praying for you’ and he sure deserves all those prayers and all those tears.

    He was an amazing man… May his soul rest in peace…

    Ellie - Colleague

    The wave of shock that struck me on hearing about a bright young man leaving us at such an early age was beyond description. As much as the great leader and business man that he was, he was a wonderful human being. The imprints that he left on many with the shade of compassion and kindness that he gave is deep. In the brief period he has been with us, his achievements were immense and his success inspirational. Being the son of a great man, Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi and living by his teachings Mr. Rami Makhzoumi had grown into a man with much depth to his thoughts and actions. My heart goes out to his grieving 3 beautiful children, his loving wife and his wonderful parents.

    The 23 years that I have spent with the FPI Group I had grown very close to Mr. Rami personally and developed much affection and respect for the great man. The brilliance of his thought and the intensity in his views has always left remarkable impression on me. Though it would take a long time for all of us to uplift ourselves from the grief of loss that we have fallen into; I pray for the strength to lead by his example and fulfillment of all his expectations from us.God has taken him to be in a better place and he is watching over us.

    He will live in us through the memories that he left and give us the strength to strive for the best through his vision for the FPI Group and all his employees.

    Joseph Ghannoum - Colleague

    I am numb with the shock that comes when such a young brilliant man leaves us before his time. Rami’s time was all too brief, but he had a privileged life filled with great achievements and success, complemented with 3 beautiful girls, a wife he loved so much, and amazing parents.

    I have been fortunate to be Rami’s personal assistant for the past three years. Rami taught me new ways to dream; he was a great listener because he believed that great leaders should always listen to their people.

    I will never forget you Rami, you are in my walking thoughts, my sweetest memories, and my dearest dreams. I will carry you with me forever.

    May God rest your soul in peace.

    Rona Serhan - Colleague

    I’m working GEI Dubai since last 16 years. When I listened this news I got a big shock. It was unbelievable news really. We lost a very very honourable person. May GOD give peace to his soul.

    Aamir Hameed - Colleague

    No words can describe a great leader, a grand visionary, a creative thinker, a humble human being who touched the life of many and inspired many others…

    I don’t know what to say, as I am ‘ and many others ‘ in utter shock and devastation, it’s getting worse every single day!

    I have worked for FPI for almost 4 years now, all i can remember is Mr. Rami’s wisdom, enthusiasm, faith, love, smile, and words…

    Did he live wisely? Yes he did. Did he loved well? Yes, he did – Did he serve greatly? Yes, he did – and these are the most important considerations.

    God bless your soul in heaven and your family on earth! Rest In Peace ya Rami!

    Dunia Maassarany - Colleague

    The last time I spoke to Rami, he sounded energized, joyful and thoughtful with new ideas and future plans. Talking to Rami felt like filling your heart and soul with a boost of ambition, optimism, determination and inspiration. It is certainly a devastating loss for his family and loved ones, but also everyone who knew Rami felt the sad loss of a great man and an exceptional leader. We’ll always remember him as a man of integrity, generosity, humbleness and supreme values.

    Our thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends and may his soul rest in peace.

    Omar Abou Ibrahim

    Omar Abou Ibrahim - Colleague

    My heartfelt condolences….May his soul rest in peace….

    Jayakrishnan.G - Colleague