Tributes from Colleagues

    Our remembrance of Mr. Rami:

    My husband and I were “honored and privileged” to have worked for Mr. Rami Makhzoumi and his family for 3 years as personal Estate Managers. There are no words powerful or moving enough to describe how significant and inspirational his presence was in our lives. He made us aspire to be “better”. Whether you knew him for two minutes or 20 years, you knew he would be a good friend forever.

    Being the ultimate perfectionist, he would go the extra mile in everything he did to ensure excellence. He was a great communicator, an amazing problem solver, and recognized as a genius at his young age of 33 years. Nothing was ever too big or too small for his immediate attention. We could go to him for anything, business or personal, and he always found time for us. He was very kind and compassionate to everybody; it was apparent it gave him great pleasure to help people, especially those around him. God was truly always in his heart.

    Mr. Rami cut a distinguished and dashing image with a style of his own; an impressive memorable style always with his signature piece, a well-chosen hat! There was nothing he could not do! Not only a genius in business, he was a great singer, dancer, and the most amazing writer; extremely creative with a futuristic mind; a true visionary!!

    The last 6 months of his life were the happiest we had ever seen him. He was newly wed and spent a lot of time with Mrs. Chiara and his 3 beautiful and amazing daughters May, Yasmeena, and Nour. In spite of his business demands, Mr. Rami was an unbelievably amazing husband and father; very generous, attentive, loving, caring, always within reach and available for his wife and children. He was conscious of every aspect of their needs, education and desires. He had and shared everything; love, happiness, hope, dreams, all of it . . . it is so hard to express how immense, how grand he was or to convey how he inspired us everyday; how he affected and inspired everybody who knew him.

    We were extremely fortunate and grateful to have known him. It is not everyday you meet a persona extraordinaire….an angel! We will never forget him . . . we loved you Mr. Rami, so very much. You are very sadly missed. You will always be in our thoughts and in our hearts forever!

    David and Katherine Dietrich

    David and Katherine Dietrich - Colleague

    May his soul rest in peace we lost him he was like my brother to me he was generous and affectionate , compassionate , humble and good morals, the whole world has lost a great man and will not be compensated. But this is the will of God and we must every day pray to God for mercy and forgiveness and eternal peace and grant his family patience and solace.

    Jihad Abou al Zolof - Colleague

    Allah Yerhamak Rami Makhzoumi… you are with us everyday.. your presence is felt in every corner of this office.. I still look at your office every morning.. Thank you for being who you are.. We promise to continue what you have started and look after what meant to you..

    Rest in peace..

    Ellie Damneh - Colleague

    Even I met him one time and It was in 2006, I met Mr. Rami closely during his visit to FPI KSA.. We are in great loss but we can only pray for his soul safe in God’s hands. My hearty condolences to the whole family. May God bless his soul.
    I will never forget you Rami.
    Previous FPI employee

    Mamdouh - Colleague

    I worked under Rami leadership for more than 7 years after he assumed the management of FPI Group in 2003.He transformed the company into a multinational world leader and almost non familial one.We have implemented his ideas of Evolution and Revolution and were excited to meet him every year in the Management Seminar.although I am much older than him; he taught me the Leadership approach and humor in the daily life and continuous involvement to the FPI group family.
    I will never forget you Rami.

    Adel Sabounji - Colleague

    I have worked for the Makhzoumi’s for just over 10 years at their country house in the uk.In that time i have only had the pleasure of meeting Rami a few times,but i remember every occasion as if it was yesterday.
    With all the great things Rami achieved in his life the one thing that stood out was the man himself,always well mannered,polite and respectful to all,weather family,friend or like myself a employee.
    A true gent.
    But above all is the way he was with his girls, i look back with fond memories of them all playing football, basketball,mucking about on their bikes and generally enjoying the time they spent here together.
    The whole place came alive when they visited and like a whirlwind would create mayhem then leave. It was great.
    They are only a few memories but truly great ones.
    It is with a real sadness that i did not get the chance to know you better Rami.
    May you rest in peace.

    James Woolley - Colleague

    As soon as I heard the news, I wished that it could be one of my worst dreams that I have ever seen!

    Though I have only worked for GEI for almost 8 years I cannot ever forget Mr. Rami’s vision, confidence & faith towards his team and true leadership. He always used to say in his speeches that ‘You are my FAMILY.’

    It’s really very very sad & painful news which cannot be expressed in words!

    Muneeb Hassan Baig - Colleague

    There are no words that can be put together to form a tribute for a man like Rami. He was, is and will always be the source of inspiration to all those who have known him.

    I would like to end with a saying of Hazrat Ali (A.S) which reflects the personality of Rami very well, “Treat people in such a way and live amongst them in such a manner that if you die they weep over you and if you live they crave for your company”.

    I pray for Rami’s departed soul. May God rest his soul in eternal peace.

    Kamran Haider - Colleague

    I used to work for Mr. Rami at the US plant in Mississippi and we were lucky to meet him when he came for a visit. He was a very genuine and caring person and was so intelligent. I will keep the family in my thoughts and prayers. He will be missed dearly.

    Amanda Green - Colleague

    It was with great shock, sadness and deep sorrow that I received the tragic news of Rami’s passing. It was, without a doubt, a great pleasure and an honour for me to have known him for 20 years.

    The ‘World’ will definitely not be a better place for having lost him but will have been positively enriched by having had had him here. He will be sorely missed.

    My deepest and sincerest sympathies remain eternally with his family. May You Rest in Peace Rami

    Tony Kavanagh - Colleague

    Dear Fouad and May,

    I have been thinking much about Rami, your distinguished son. May he rest in peace and may his memory be for a blessing. With condolences, I would like to offer words.

    As was evident upon first meeting him, Rami was educated well in the arts, literature and culture, as well as in business through his post graduate degree, which I suspect was awarded with distinction. Rami absorbed his education, making him worldly and insightful.

    His strong family background added to his foundation for powerful vision. As you know, my association with Rami was principally regarding business. There I saw his vast abilities to take in the complex structure and commercial aspects of a large, multifaceted business organization, and see its operations from different perspectives. I saw insightful capabilities to comprehend the challenges of persuading people to accept new ways of seeing and doing things. I heard a sensitive voice from a perceptive man urge people to do more and be more, first with “evolution” and then with “revolution.” And I saw a powerful drive to add to his father and mother’s vast accomplishments while also striking out to define his own accomplishments, in new lines of business, new approaches to charitable and cultural endeavors, and by participating in global organizations devoted to young business presidents and Arab leadership.

    Yet, while Rami’s business achievements and leadership capacities in business and international relations are vast (after all, he is his father’s son), my strongest impressions of Rami arise from other characteristics. I remember and admire him:

    – For the reasonableness he brought to business relationships, recognizing that commerce often prospers best in an environment of mutual respect;

    – For the fairness he brought to employment relationships, recognizing that people do their best when treated respectfully (Rami spoke to employees as colleagues);

    – For his openness in obtaining assistance from wise and experienced thought leaders about how to motivate and derive the best from the people around him;

    – For his ability to develop friendships even among people who worked for him, while advancing his duties to the business;

    – For his ability to complement his father’s skills and attributes, adding yet more strength to the Makhzoumi family’s vast capabilities and scope;

    – For his strong commitments to family, name, history, and his people;

    – For his strong commitment to faith and observance, for his recognition that his example would influence many others, and for his challenge to others to be ever more committed to faith;

    – For the sheer pleasure of dining and shopping in New York with a young man, enjoying his fine sense of humor and joie de vivre. Rami knew how to enjoy what there was to enjoy.
    Indeed Rami is with us. His light will continue to shine, illuminating much for us.

    Sincerely yours,
    Arnold B. Podgorsky

    Arnold B. Podgorsky - Colleague

    Allah Yerhamo, his sudden loss has left a gap. Rami will be greatly missed.
    Rami was the one that always made us smile, he was the one giving us good advice. Rami can show us a complex situation look very simple to be solved. Rami showed us that life was so easy. Rami was just simply a Great Individual. May His Soul Rest in Peace.

    Karim Daouk - Colleague