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I was looking through my photos the other day and stumbled on a photo from my sweet sixteen. Rami made my sweet sixteen the best birthday to date. He was so generous and had a heart of gold. I think about him a lot and wish he was here to watch his three beautiful young daughter grow up, but I know he is watching over all of us, smiling. I love you Rami and miss you very much. Rest in peace.

Lana Makhzoumi - Family

I never met Rami, but always was following from distance whats happening at FPI and the charities around the world. such great people like father and son will always be a memory to remember for people. Good manners always appreciated .. I pray for him to be in heaven. God also help family for this big loss.. . I offer my deepest condolences … Rabie Fares

Rabie Fares - Other

Today we celebrated Rami’s life and in his honour, 33 meals and fresh clothes were distributed to 33 worthy young men who are homeless. May Allah have mercy upon him and bless him with warms and love.

Chaaban Zeidan - Family

I’m met Rami several years ago and it comes as a total shock that he had passed away. I just heard about it through mutual friends and am totally lost for words. May Allah Bless you with Heaven and may he also give your parents the strength to deal with such a tragic loss.

Rashed Asadi - Friend