Young Arab Leaders

“I believe it is not only vital to pool the next generation of leaders for the benefit of our region, but as ambassadors, for those hesitantly looking in, from not just political, but economic perspectives, at our recently troubled lands. The Young Arab Leaders can act as the cornerstone to the prosperity for within, and as the hope and model, for those outside.” Rami Makhzoumi

Rami Makhzoumi joined Young Arab Leaders (YAL) in 2005. Driven by a strong faith in the organisation’s mission, he played a significant role in the leadership and growth of the organisation, together with his colleagues in the Board of Directors. According to Rami, the youth, leaders of the future, are the greatest asset of the Arab world. He was committed to ensure that the programmes YAL developed harnessed the potential of Arab youth and leveraged their contribution to development in the Arab world.

Arab civilisation in the past was an inspiration for Rami who believed that the potential was there for a second Arab Renaissance and that Arab countries should seize the current opportunities to lay down the infrastructure of a second Arab Golden Age. Rami was personally involved in several YAL committees and initiatives, such as the Entrepreneurship Initiative and Education Initiative in the UAE. He had a leading role in many successful initiatives undertaken by the organisation and was also a prominent YAL key speaker at events.

As a young Arab Leader himself, like many in YAL, who had been educated and brought up in the West, Rami held dear the founding principles of YAL, from which like-minded individuals cuold demonstrate not just to the region, but to the world, the significance of the Arab World – not just in its contributions historically to modern civilisation, but its potential in realising its deserved position as a substantial contributor to tomorrow’s world.

Here are some transcripts of talks Rami gave at YAL events:
Rami Makhzoumi Q&A on Entrepreneurship
[PDF 165KB]

Young Arab Leaders (YAL) Arab American Business Forum Opening Speech – October 2009
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