Leadership & Entrepreneurship

“My approach to leadership is fundamentally centered on the core principles of listening, selfishness for selflessness, and clarity of goals.”

The greatest leaders to have ever graced mankind’s history have been great listeners. Humility is a necessary virtue of great leadership. Having an innate ability to engage people is only half the job. Letting others know that their contribution is not only welcomed but integral to any answer, allows those you are leading to be motivated, invested, and helps develop their own ability to lead.

Selfishness to Selflessness
In order to be able to be inspirational, and to gain the respect and loyalty of those you lead, you must lead by example. You must look after yourself, your life, your personal needs, before you look after others. To be truly selfless and commit yourself to others you must be selfish to your own never ending journey for work-life balance. The best analogy of this is when on a plane and the emergency announcements are made, one is always asked to put the oxygen mask on themselves before assisting anyone else, even your own child. Instinct tells you otherwise but true leadership does not always follows instinct.

Clarity of Goals
The best way to achieve anything is to define your destination. A leader’s job is to know where we must go, NOT how to get there. A leader must be able to communicate that in the most succinct and clear manner. The critical path is the destination; the journey must be left to others. The most formidable approach to leadership as we have mentioned is that of inclusion, collaboration, and humility. Tell people the destination and let them tell you how to get there.

This is how you inspire, influence, integrate and improve as a leader. Listen always to your people and you shall always prevail as a great leader.